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Registration of Business Act 1956

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(Renewal is RM130 per year. See FAQ below for compound on expired registration)


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What you need to know about renewing business registration in Malaysia.

(1) An application for the renewal of the registration of a business shall be made before or within 12 months of expiry date of the registration or the previous renewal.

(2) Subject to subsection (3), upon receipt of an application for the renewal of the registration of a business and upon payment of the prescribed fee, the Registrar shall renew the registration of the business for a period which shall not exceed five years at each renewal.

(3) For the purpose of renewing the registration of any business, the Registrar may require additional information or documents and the Registrar may refuse to renew the registration if the applicant does not furnish the information or documents required.

(4) If the Registrar refuses to renew any registration under subsection (3) the Registrar shall notify the applicant in writing of the decision.

(5) Amendment on business information cannot be done online through our portal. 

(6) The new expiry date shall be stated in the certificate of registration.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. It will be a full refund if the renewal is not successful.

Business registration plus all administrative cost is RM130 per year.

You still can register online if your business registration is not expired more than twelve (12) months.

First month RM20.00, and RM10.00 for every subsequent month. 

1 day after the expiry day is considered 1 month. Similarly, 32 days after expiry is considered 2 months.

You will need to register your business again in a SSM branch.

You do not need any other documentation. Just fill in the online form above.

The renewed business registration will be sent to your email.

No, any amendment of business information cannot be done through our online protal. 

The email address given might be wrong. Contact us at 012-487 6900 and we will make appropriate arrangements.

If you need urgent delivery of the renewed business registration, please Whatsapp us at 012-487 9600.

Full Refund

If in any case the renewal is unsuccessful, a full refund will be issued.

Sekiranya pembaharuan tidak berjaya, bayaran balik sepenuhnya akan dikeluarkan.